Company Background

I love working with people and set up Red Clematis Coaching Services in 2014 after going through some major personal life changes.  At the same time as my job being made redundant I was diagnosed and then successfully treated for breast cancer. This motivated me to take a new path in my career and do something that gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction – helping individuals and businesses flourish.

The clematis is an intelligent plant that can climb over the obstacles in its path. It represents my vision for the business - providing strong roots and acting as the trellis for my clients, to support them as they grow, overcome challenges and climb steadily forward on their way to achieving their true potential. And why red? It’s an energising colour that signifies strength and action.

Biography – Maggie Newton, Managing Director

I believe learning should be fun.  I use my extensive experience of managing, coaching  and building teams and combine it with my communications and marketing skills to develop creative learning workshops, team development and coaching programmes. I’ve built up this knowledge and experience over 30 years of working in a variety of large organisations including WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), Barclaycard and Kraft Foods.

My coaching and facilitation style is collaborative, warm and very flexible.  I enjoy helping individuals and teams learn and grow in awareness. Then watching the transformation as they move out of their comfort zone, fired up with a renewed sense of purpose, believing in themselves and inspired with new ideas.

I am a qualified coach with a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from the Coaching Academy.