To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this as a guide to our communications with others. 

- Anthony Robbins

DISC is a flexible, well established personality profiling tool that can be used effectively in a range of applications, from helping people understand how to work better with others, to dealing with conflict resolution and customer complaints, and helping find the right candidate for a job role. It’s a very simple tool that helps you to understand people in minutes rather than months! DISC is based around 4 main criteria – whether you are task or people orientated, and whether you are reserved or outgoing.  

Understanding your predominant preference, whether it is D, I, S or C can:

  • Give you an insight into different personality types and their unique strengths
  • Help you understand your own personal motivations and behaviours - and those of others
  • Help you communicate effectively according to the DISC category of the person you are communicating with  
  • Improve team motivation, conflict resolution, and communication 
  • Identify your preferred environments and those of others
  • Help with goal setting and achievement methodology
  • Improve recruitment effectiveness – saving time and money by ensuring the right people are hired for the right roles

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