I’ve spent a big part of my career working with agencies and worked with some great people and characters. Very often the key to a successful campaign is the quality and experience of the Account Manager. As a client one of the things I found most frustrating was change – just built a good working relationship and they would leave and have to start over – retaining good staff is a constant challenge. Pressure of balancing resources and adequately servicing client. High staff turnover means valuable time spent continually recruiting rather than investing this time in developing managers and team members

Clients may get fed up and frustrated with constant changes in the team working on their account, as they have to bring them up to speed and build new relationships. This can make them more likely to review suppliers and repitch their business.

Lack of accountability can manifest itself in inadequate briefs, and under prepared client presentations and therefore lost opportunities


Transition from Account Exec to Account Manager – developing professional people management skills – balancing enthusiasm and realistic expectations . Impatient for promotion

Keeping team motivated when going gets tough – managing resources and underservicing clients.

They would like to spend more time developing their staff, and know things could be better, but client deadlines take priority and they run out of time so it goes down the priority list. Don’t know their team members as well as they should to know what their core skills and strengths are and therefore how best to use and develop them.

Managing expectations – client, boss, staff and own

Account Manager Account Director

(help with client acquisition and retention)

Team and individual development programmes……………..Understand one another – different styles and methods of communication. How can match Account Manager and client

What are the solutions:

  • Workshops

  • Coaching progammes

  • DISC personality profiling

I offer a range of packages and services to suit the needs of the sector – contact me for details.

I’ve taken the time to give feedback and coach/mentor Account Managers to improve their work so they can deliver a successful campaign. Building and nurturing relationships has always been very important to me – whether my own team members or Account managers I worked with.


  • Lower staff turnover and recruitment costs

  • Client feedback and retention rates improve – they have a better relationship with their Account Manager

  • More successful pitches

  • Enhanced reputation as a good employer – an agency that people want to work for

  • Deliver more successful campaigns and able to match right team member to client for good relationships/retention

  • Greater understanding of team skills and strengths so they can play to them

  • Confident and empowered staff who learn how to solve problems themselves

Maggie recently facilitated an insightful, informative and engaging workshop for our team. The session balanced insights into the dynamics of our specific team with wider insight about how teams and individuals typically work. More than anything, the tone of the day was light hearted—the value of getting our team together to discuss and debate ways of working can’t be understated. We’re a happier, more engaged team as a result of this work.
— Phil McMinn, Head of Search, Torchbox