Communication skills for communicators

I’ve spent a big part of my career in Marketing and Communications, working with agencies to create and deliver behavioural change campaigns. The key to a successful campaign can often be down to the quality and experience of the Account Manager. As a client one of the things I found most frustrating was a frequently changing Account team. I’d build a good working relationship with the Account Manager and then they would move on. Retaining good staff is a constant headache and means valuable resources are spent continually recruiting rather than developing the existing team.


Recognising potential and promoting staff from within the business has lots of advantages.

Managing staff for the first time requires learning new skills, and impatience and natural enthusiasm have to be balanced with realistic expectations. It can be a big jump from working with friends and being given instructions to being their boss, delegating, and responsible for motivating them.

There is often a mix of personalities within a team – some stronger and more vocal than others. Taking time to understand these differences and the impact on team dynamics, and ensuring everyone gets their say, can improve both internal communications and client relationships.

Red Clematis offers a range of services to help improve working relationships and develop confident communication and leadership skills, including:

  • Workshops

  • Coaching progammes

  • DISC personality profiling

Maggie recently facilitated an insightful, informative and engaging workshop for our team. The session balanced insights into the dynamics of our specific team with wider insight about how teams and individuals typically work. More than anything, the tone of the day was light hearted—the value of getting our team together to discuss and debate ways of working can’t be understated. We’re a happier, more engaged team as a result of this work.
— Phil McMinn, Head of Search, Torchbox 

For more details on the packages and services available, contact me.