A walk through coaching

2015 has been a year of firsts for me – first year in business, first grandchild, first website and now my very first blog.

After a hectic few months without a day off I recently spent a few days in the Peak District taking a break to enjoy some walking, fresh air, lovely scenery and good company. I know the area quite well and decided to do a walk we’d not done before - from Hathersage up to Stanage Edge, which looked very appealing in the books.  It was quite a climb with a number of obstacles en route, including water cascading down the narrow rock pathways, thick mud making progress slippery and hard going, and giving way to enthusiastic fell runners and mountain bikers going downhill. After slow but steady progress we reached the top of the Edge and were rewarded with spectacular views. As I stopped for a few minutes to take it all in I thought how well it represented my first year in business – an upwards journey, steep in places, with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction that was worth the effort.

The walk also mirrors a typical coaching journey.  Where’s your end destination and what will you do, be or have when you get there? What preparation do you need to do before you set off? How fit are you and what resources and support will you need e.g. sturdy boots, food, water, waterproof clothing, map and phone etc. What might your challenges be along the way and how can you prepare for them?  Which path should you take when faced with so many choices on the map? How can you break the journey down into manageable stages so that the distance doesn’t seem beyond your capabilities and you can stay focused and motivated.

When you start on a coaching journey your coach will act as your support – map, compass, walking pole etc. encouraging you to deal with obstacles, building your confidence, facilitating choices and motivating you to reach your desired destination.

To find out more about coaching with me, and maybe even trying coaching and walking at the same time, email maggie@redclematis.co.uk, call 07734 080073 or complete the contact form