Creating business success from the inside out

How strong working relationships can improve business performance

Spending time to improve the relationships within your team isn’t just a ‘nice to have, soft and fluffy activity’, it’s a business imperative that will increase staff productivity, create loyalty and improve performance. More and more organisations of every size are now realising that their success is created from the inside out.

Good working relationships are important across all levels: manager – employee, employee – employee, and employee – client. Customers, suppliers, and staff are all essential tosuccess.

Here are four benefits of strong working relationships:


It goes without saying that supporting staff to build strong working relationships with colleagues helps improve morale, and happiness as a whole. Happy staff are more focused on their roles and less likely to look for distractions, with studies showing that productivity is directly correlated with how happy employees are. 


Strengthening working relationships can generate increased loyalty to the business because employees view the company as the link to friendships that they have built.  As employees invest in the relationships with their colleagues, they go to work not just to do their job, but to connect and enjoy an increased sense of wellbeing.


A positive and friendly atmosphere conducive to teamwork makes it easier for an employee with a problem to ask their co-workers for help, ensuring that problems get solved faster. Stronger working relationships also facilitate better communication. The more information people have, the more empowered they will feel to complete their tasks with confidence and direction. Again, this leads to increased productivity and a better quality outcome.


Mutually uplifting relationships between staff can create a great network for them to develop their skills, sharing techniques and strategies. In a supportive environment, employees aren't trying to "beat out" fellow workers for better job opportunities. The result is a more knowledgeable workforce with improved abilities and a wider range of skills.

There is a vast array of tools that can be used to build stronger working relationships, including DISC personality profiling and coaching. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.