Using art to create an inspiring workplace

Most of us enjoy some element of art in our own homes, whether its paintings, sculptures, photographs or memorabilia, and a person’s preference for the type of art they have can provide insights into their personality and values.

Within the workplace art can serve many purposes, helping to create and inspire whilst increasing productivity and collaboration between employees.  Our choice of art in the workplace can embody the culture within an organisation and help consolidate values and beliefs.

It’s safe to say that we have come a long way from the ‘motivational’ posters of the 80s – often photos of smiling teams on board boats with headlines like “there is no ‘I’ in TEAM!” .

Today the art used to motivate teams within the office is far more subtle.

There are a number of reasons to consider investing in art for your work environment. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1.      Employees will feel more valued if the management team provide a place to work that goes beyond the basic four walls and a desk. 

Deutsche Bank has one of the largest corporate art displays in the world. You can view it by clicking here

For Deutsche Bank their investment in art has developed over many years and is seen to be a clear embodiment of their ethos, carrying with it the following message:

Art builds. Art questions. Art transcends borders. Art works.

Employees are able to benefit from the investment in art within each of the offices around the world and this investment allows Deutsche Bank to be seen as a leader of innovation in their field.


2.      The choice of art within the workplace can help to define and consolidate the values and culture of an organisation.  For a company who want to be seen to value the leisure activities of their employees and encourage a sense of community outside of the office, the perfect choice may be a framed football shirt representing the company team or maybe the winning medals framed from another competition.


3.      Celebrating success is important within any organisation.  In this respect the inspiring art may be a framed image of the Employee of the Year.  Rather than just the standard photography why not something more creative, such as framing some key memorabilia? 

4.      The art on display can provide a real talking point in any business, making both visitors feel at ease and instigating friendly debate amongst employees.  We all have our own thoughts and opinions on any piece of art – there is no right or wrong answer, but artwork that prompts emotion is surely beneficial.


5.      The art we choose to display in our workplaces can be used to motivate and provide a sense of purpose and goal to the working day.  Why not use a seascape to remind employees of their last holiday – or provide a sense of calm and wellbeing.  Who could not help but feel more relaxed when admiring this limited edition print from artist Ron Bolt?


6.      Commissioning an artist to produce a painting specific to an organisation can promote brand awareness within the company and develop a sense of pride amongst employees.  For those businesses based in buildings of historical or architectural significance, a commissioned piece from an artist can capture a point in the business’ history to be celebrated for years to come.


7.      Celebrating the talent within an organisation can allow all employees to feel valued by their management team.  We recently worked with a web designer who employed one young apprentice who showed a talent for creating pencil portraits of famous figures.  Her pencil drawings of a variety of celebrities have been professionally framed and now adorn the company’s walls in simple, sophisticated style, providing a great conversation starter.  Not only does this benefit existing employees but potential customers and suppliers will have a greater understanding of the corporate values shared by the business and the value it attributes to its employees.

8.      Art on display within the workplace can be used to showcase success stories from the business – completed designs for interior designers and architects or successful campaigns for marketers.  Framing memorabilia to celebrate success can consequently breed further success.

9.      Finally, adding artwork to your walls will brighten the dullest of spaces – whether within the back office or in your retail space, setting an ambience fitting to your line of work.


The Rose Gallery is a fine art gallery based in Northampton and online at  We would be happy to discuss adding artwork to your workplace, providing guidance on sourcing, framing or even renting artwork.