Collaborative learning through workshops

Workshops can be a great way for teams to get to know one another better and enjoy learning together. If you’d like to find out more about a tailor made, inhouse team workshop then contact me.

I also run ‘open’ workshops for business owners and managers.

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Using DISC personality profiling to build positive working relationships.


Would you like to improve your relationships at work? Perhaps you'd like to develop new ways to motivate staff or learn how to better handle difficult conversations? Building more positive relationships in the workplace improves communication and leads to a more productive and harmonious environment.

The key to developing successful working relationships is self awareness, so understanding your own  and other’s DISC personality styles will improve communications with colleagues, clients and suppliers.


In this half day interactive and practical workshop everyone gets their own comprehensive DISC report. We explore how to recognise different personalities, their communication styles and the impact this has. You’ll be able to use your learning immediately to make a difference to your communication skills.

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Comments from previous DISC workshops:

What a revelation! - thank you Maggie for making it fun and practical to apply in real life – immediately. Awareness of how I am perceived will help me adapt my marketing to target those I’m more likely to enjoy working with.
I understand more about why I work the way I do and my intolerances. I will consider where my team fall into the DISC profiling and how to manage them with that in mind.


How to fully support employees affected by cancer at work


Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer so it’s highly likely that an employee in your organization will be affected in the future.  It’s easy to think “I’ll wait until it happens” but if it did happen tomorrow how prepared would you feel?  Knowing what to do and say means you can support your employee effectively throughout their cancer journey, making a huge difference to their wellbeing, helping them make a successful return to work, as well as avoiding the risks of any legal claims or reputational damage.



This interactive and informative half day workshop will equip line managers, team leaders, HR and Occupational Health professionals to feel more confident in handling communication with empathy and demonstrate how an employee can best be supported from diagnosis through to a return to work and beyond. The workshop is being run for Working With Cancer.


8th October 2019 and 4th February 2020

Comments from previous workshops

I now have a greater understanding of how practical and empathetic I can be going forward. I enjoyed all the presenters – they were very clear and passionate about the cause.
I really enjoyed how we had open discussions as a group and felt that this allowed us to learn from each other’s experiences