Collaborative learning through workshops

Workshops can be a great way for teams to get to know one another better and enjoy learning together. In addition to delivering bespoke, inhouse team workshops I also run ‘open’ DISC workshops so business owners and managers can find out more about the benefits of DISC.

See below for details of current workshops and seminars.

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Comments from attendees at previous DISC workshops:

Thank YOU Red Clematis Coaching Services Ltd. It was enlightening and will give me some great tools to use going forward. I will try to incorporate different styles in my marketing material to capture a wider audience
What a revelation! - thank you Maggie for making it fun and practical to apply in real life – immediately. Awareness of how I am perceived will help me adapt my marketing to target those I’m more likely to enjoy working with.
I understand more about why I work the way I do and my intolerances. I will consider where my team fall into the DISC profiling and how to manage them with that in mind.