"Seek first to understand and then to be understood"

- Stephen Covey

According to a recent CIPD report, the quality of UK management has failed to improve for more than a decade.

Managers' roles are constantly expanding and they are under ever increasing pressure to do more work with less resources. The constant focus on results means that poor performance gets overlooked, leading to reduced productivity, increased costs and stress.

Poor performance may be demonstrated by the following:

  • Line managers, new to managing staff, struggling to develop effective people management skills
  • Limited use of soft skills such as influencing, relationship building, interpersonal and listening
  • Weak specific skills such as delivering presentations, time management, and managing meetings etc.

Coaching can help improve individual or team performance in all these areas.

How do the sessions work?


Coaching sessions will normally take place face to face in the office or at an agreed venue.  Sessions can also be carried out over the telephone/SKYPE if meeting face to face is impractical due to geographical location. 

Following an initial enquiry I’ll talk to the project sponsor to understand current business challenges and what the coaching needs might be. We’ll then agree clear overall objectives, outcomes, and measures of success for participants, at a high level, at the outset of the coaching programme.  

I’ll then meet with the individuals/teams involved for an introductory session to find out more about them and their specific objectives for the package of sessions. During each session participants will set goals/outcomes, look at where they are now, consider options and commit to actions. Each coaching session is completely confidential and lasts for up to an hour. I adhere to the Coaching Academy Code of Ethics and have professional indemnity insurance in place. 

Benefits of coaching:

  • Managers regain valuable time and reduce the pressure on themselves - coaching is a powerful delegation tool. 
  • Improved communication – less mistakes and misunderstandings leading to increased productivity, greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs.
  • Increased employee engagement – greater motivation and increased staff retention
  • Improved quality of decision making -  greater collaboration takes place
  • Improved openness, honesty and trust – more pleasant working environment with less stress
  • Growth in organisational capability, skills and strength
  • Nurturing talent and facilitating career progression
  • Increased opportunities for strategic thinking so that the business continues to develop and move forwards


Maggie speaks in a calm soft way which encourages reflection. She helps me to think more deeply about motivations and the perspectives of other individuals. Particularly for someone like myself who is more task-oriented, coaching provides a window to look at the people side of doing business. For me, this has probably been the most specific source of benefit.
— David M, Oxfordshire
The logical, thorough approach to problem solving which Maggie offers has been incredibly beneficial for me. I have completely turned a corner in my confidence to facilitate workshops. I have moved from a huge fear of presenting to enjoying (yes enjoying!) delivering day long workshops in a fairly short space of time.

Beyond that though, Maggie has helped me identify goals, actions, timescales and “what things look like when they’re resolved”. We’ve also worked on work life balance and liaising with colleagues who may have different views
— Julia B, Hertfordshire