DISC: understanding yourself and others

Do you sometimes wonder why you get on really well with some people and yet find others hard work? DISC is a personality profiling tool that can help you understand people in a matter of minutes rather than months, thereby improving communications and working relationships.

I’ve worked with a variety of personality tools in my career and thoroughly enjoy using DISC.

It’s simple, effective and easy to understand. I’ve found it invaluable for developing my own self awareness - understanding how I work with people, what my challenges are and what I need to work on to build better relationships. It’s a very versatile tool which I use in team workshops or as part of a coaching programme.


DISC is based around 4 criteria – task or people orientation, and reserved or outgoing.

The 4 main types are:

D for Dominance
I for Influence
S for Steadiness
C for Compliance.

Understanding your predominant preference, whether it is D, I, S or C can:

  • Give you an insight into different personality types and their unique strengths

  • Help you understand your own personal motivations and behaviours - and those of colleagues, clients and suppliers

  • Help you communicate effectively according to the DISC profile of the person you are communicating with

  • Support with team motivation, conflict resolution, and client engagement

  • Improve recruitment effectiveness – saving time and money by ensuring the right people are hired for the right roles, and then retained

  • Enhance the effectiveness of performance reviews and personal development plans

Maggie provided an excellent team workshop using DISC to analyse our team strengths and areas for improvements. It was a very productive session, with the whole team gaining new insight into their personality type and what that means for the team and outside of it. We now know our team strengths and the areas that need improvement, and practical strategies for how we can do that straight away. We also know the attributes we would need to look for in a new team member. Unlike other team-building workshops, this was not in the least bit cringeworthy, very relaxed and very enjoyable for the whole team.
— Clare Nash Architecture

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