Building confidence through coaching

Personal development covers many different aspects – from activities that improve self awareness, to those that enhance employability and career development. We are all continually learning, and particularly in times of change and career transition, it can seem overwhelming. Being stretched too much out of our comfort zone can impact on confidence and wellbeing, resulting in stress, poor sleep, headaches and anxiety. Instead of working through tasks systematically and prioritizing we put things off and then nothing progresses. Taking small steps rather than big leaps can help build confidence and reduce procrastination.

Your confidence might need a boost if you find yourself:

  • Managing people for the first time and not sure how to make a positive start

  • Having to deal with conflict, challenging personalities, and manage difficult conversations

  • Presenting, chairing meetings or networking for the first time, or after a long gap

  • Considering a career change or setting up your own business

  • Struggling to move forward after a significant life change such as redundancy, or major illness such as cancer


We are all ultimately responsible for our own personal development but may benefit from some extra support at times. Coaching can play a valuable role in building confidence and developing effective communication skills. Until experiencing the benefits of being coached myself, I’d been a confirmed problem solver. I also realized that instead of coaching my team members I was in fact giving advice in disguise! It can be difficult to understand how coaching works and how effective it can be until you’ve tried it.


As a coach it’s my role to ask the questions.

I facilitate the conversation that will lead to the coachee coming up with their own answers, helping them set goals or intentions and then exploring ways to achieve those.

Coaching can be carried out over the telephone/SKYPE or face to face, depending on location, and preference. Before committing, I offer a FREE 30 minute taster session so that you can determine whether or not coaching is right for you, and whether or not I am the right coach for you.

Here’s how coaching has helped some of my clients.

I started working with Maggie several years ago, while setting up my own consultancy. Our sessions have given me a focal point to ensure I carve out time and space to take care of myself as a person and as an entrepreneur. She also helped me work out some fundamental approaches to running a consultancy - like a filter that has served as my compass for years now on what I want to offer, why and what type of clients I wanted to work with. But, most importantly, I felt comfortable enough with Maggie that I could also bring my ‘real life’ into our sessions. She’s not just a business coach or a personal coach, and that’s what I needed. I can truly say that working with Maggie was pivotal for me at a key point in my life, and it’s helped me to become more strategic, self-aware and holistic in how I live and work. I still schedule sessions with Maggie when I need a ‘top up’ or help unpacking a work or life situation, and I recommend her regularly to others.
— Betsy Reed, Founder - Big Sky Strategy

Contact me for more information and to arrange a taster session. Prices available on request.