Developing happy and productive teams

When a business, or team, has expanded rapidly this can create a new set of people focused challenges. The dynamics change and suddenly as the owner or manager you are responsible for staff and have to learn to delegate and communicate with them. It can seem overwhelming as there is so much to learn and put in place. Communication may suffer and conflict can result, impacting on productivity, customer service, costs and resulting in additional stress for everyone.

These impacts can be avoided by getting into good habits from the start. These include:

  • Ensuring team members have clear roles and responsibilities and know what’s expected of them

  • Creating a shared vision and common purpose

  • Regular communication, feedback and team meetings

  • Understanding your team member’s strengths and motivations

  • Processes in place and being applied consistently

If you’d like some help with team development I offer a free 60 minute consultation.

Following this I’ll put together a programme of affordable learning to address your specific needs which might include coaching, mentoring, DISC personality profiling, facilitated meetings and workshops. I have an extensive network of coaching and training colleagues that can support with projects as required.

Maggie held a number of team building sessions with us, which were successful and well received by those who attended. I am pleased to say that changes have already been implemented. Maggie also carried out DISC profiles, which staff found very useful and interesting, and we have now started to use these when recruiting. She is currently coaching some of our team and they are all benefitting from the process. Maggie has a wide range of skills and she is able to build very positive relationships with people to help them develop.
— Pam Hamblin, HR Coordinator, Losberger DeBoer

Find out more about the DISC profiles.